Beeswax Candles


Candles 002We are please to offer 100% beeswax candles from Victory Ranch!  We offer hand-dipped tapers, in natural beeswax color with no dies, and also in dark plum and lighter plum (that also come in Advent candle sets).   Beeswax candles burn for a much longer time than paraffin tapers, with our tapers each burning for at least 20 hours.  An added bonus besides burn time is that when beeswax burns it cleans the air as opposed to releasing any chemicals…. they are good for you and your home!  Our tapers are 10 inches long by 3/4 inchs in diameter.  If youwould like to special order votives or tealights, please contact us.  Below, we show you the process of making the tapers that includes our whole family!  Enjoy!  😉

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First, we chop up the pure large block of beeswax…

Oct 2010 062

Oct 2010 061

Next, we put the chunks of beeswax into a double broiler with a special pan made for making tapers…  (You can see by the stovetop that it is a messy project!   But loads of fun!   ;))

Oct 2010 059

Oct 2010 060

Next, we dip natural cotton candle wick into the taper pan, over and over, layer after layer (after each layer dries), until we have a pair of beeswax tapers.  We then hang them to fully cool on our cabinet knobs…

Oct 2010 076

If we are making a batch with color, we add all-natural dies to the melted wax before dipping.  This is tricky with beeswax (as opposed to bleached white parrafin wax) because the color of the beeswax alters the final color of the taper… it take a lot of practise and some funny colors until you find the right amount of dye that will work for you!

Oct 2010 072

Here is a finished set of Advent candles.  “Advent candles” are a tradition where people light a new Advent candle each Sunday before Christmas, with the lighter plum one being lit on the third Sunday of Advent (2nd Sunday before Christmas).  These candles also make beautiful tapers that can be used year-round!

Oct 2010 078


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