It all started when we moved to a ranch and got 10 hens.  We were normal city folks, who ate normal city foods, and did normal city things.  And then we tried the eggs our hens laid.  We were blown away by the natural and rich flavor of them…

And then we ended up with two dairy goats.  We started milking them and drinking their milk.  Next thing you know, we added some sheep, some more goats, some more hens, some horses, and got into this whole “farm thing”… and in the process, we started going down a healthier path and realizing that the closer to nature we ate and lived, the healthier we felt.

All of this led to a healthier lifestyle.  We started eating more natural foods, grass-fed meats, taking in less medicine, getting ill less often… Granted, we are not perfect by any stretch.  You’ll find canned stuff and boxed cereal occasionally around here because sometimes I just want to give Cheerios to the baby.  But along the way, although we aren’t tea totallers or diet extremists, we have steared towards Therapeutic grade Essential Oils to keep us healthy!

We have a big family.  9 kiddos?  You’re bound to come across a virus or two… But we have supported our immune systems amazingly with therapeutic essential oils, not to mention managed other conditions such as asthma and migraines with them (not making any medical claims, of course, but let’s just say it: meds don’t get to the root of problems very often!). If you are interested in learning more about the purest of the pure essential oils, please contact me with questions, or check out for yourself at

I have also begun making therapeutic grade soaps for those that are interested.  Here is a link for more information and to go directly to our store front!

We would love to share anything we know about these topics with you!  I will be providing useful links soon, in case you want to read up about some of these subjects on your own… but as always, please feel free to contact us any time!!

All the best!!  😉



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