We’ve Moved!

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Howdy, y’all!

Thank you for your patience as we welcomed our 9th young ‘un last October, and then moved a few months later to a new location!  We are not that far from our previous location in Calhan, but we are closer to the beautiful mountain range with an amazing Pikes Peak view over our pastures :).  Our hand made goat milk business continues to grow, and we are working on some exciting new blends…  Our newest soap is our ‘Artist’s Soap’, which is an incredible luxurious blend to clean even the dirtiest hands and not dry them out in the process….



As always, we appreciate your business… We have gotten to know so many wonderful people through goat milk soap… Who knew?  :). We hope you are having an amazing summer!

All the best,


soapstress at a Victory Ranch, Inc.


Brand New Soaps, Shapes, and Scents!!

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After many weeks of toiling in the kitchen to try out some new recipes and shapes, I finally have some exciting new soaps to share with you!

We now have a line of 100% Pure Therapeutic grade goat milk soaps, which use only Pure Young Living (TM) oils!  Introducing… drumroll… “Awakening” with Peppermint and Orange, “Relaxation” with Lavender and Lime, “Calming Child” for soothing children, and “Balance” for hormonal and/or glandular balance and energy!

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Please click here for detailed information about each of these soaps and to go directly to our store!

And next, we introduce to you our newest regular goat milk soap, Oatmeal, Milk, and Honey!

2013-04-24 10.19.14

And last but not least, we have all kinds of new fun shapes!  Come check out our store at www.VictoryRanchStore.com to see our new Refreshing Citrus shapes, Prairie Premier shapes, and more!!

Enjoy!  😉

Meet Our Five Guys, Ready for a Loving Home or Farm

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We are pleased to introduce to you our remaining five Purebred Great Pyrenees pups that are available for adoption!  They are now over 6 weeks old, have had a well check-up, as well as their first puppy vaccines, and are completely on solids.  And they are now ready for their new home or farm!  UPDATE: As of January 29th, all pups have been adopted out… thank you to all their new loving families!  😉












Please contact us if you are interested in meeting and adopting any of these sweet Pyrenees puppies!  We are located in Calhan, Colorado.

Great Pyrenees pups, almost ready for adoption!


We are pleased to introduce our newest litter of gorgeous pure bred Great Pyrenees pups from Victory Ranch!  We could not successfully run our ranch of free-ranging chickens, sheep and lambs, and Oberhasli dairy goats and their goatlings without the protection of these beautiful gentle giants!  And not only do they guard our farm from coyotes and other animal predators, they are huge teddy bears to our children as well.  This is our favorite breed (we’re a little biased 😉  We have had them both as strictly livestock guardian dogs, as well as domesticated them (in farm language, ‘ruined’ them with affection) and they are a delight either way.

Of course, Great Pyrenees need the right kind of home (meaning they need to be able to exercise) and their owners need to understand their breed.  We can answer just about any question you have about them!  While ours our purebred and we know their lineage, we don’t paper our pups so as to keep the costs down for families and local farms.  Many farmers love having a couple LGDs (Livestock Guardian Dogs) roaming their property and looking out for their flocks of sheep or goats.  We haven’t had coyotes on our property for years now, at least alive 😉  but interestingly, Pyrenees “know” when an animal is agressive and when it is the neighbor’s dog (if they are brought up properly).   They are very intuitive, we have found, as long as they are brought up in a loving environment.  For those in town, these doggies are show stoppers in beauty and gentleness.  Of course, they do need a good fenced yard, and exercise, although they love to doze off in the day, even as pups.  Please feel free to ask us any questions about this breed… we can help!

And so, without further ado, here are the pics from our latest litter of 9 born November 26th, 2012.  They will be 4 weeks old Christmas Eve, and ready for adoption by mid-January.  We have 2 reserved already, so if you are interested in a pup (or more), please let us know, as they go fast.  Enjoy!  😉

Pyr pups 3

Pictured are “Joy”, “Vito”, and “Patch”  (Pictures of the rest of the pups to come soon)

Pyr pups 2

Pyr pups 1

Here is the beautiful mama, Sophia.  She is still nursing her pups and is an excellent mother.  She is extremely gentle, pure white (no markings), and protective.


And here is Victor, the proud papa.  Victor is extremely affectionate, except to coyotes.  He loves children and loves Sophia 😉  He was born with a ‘mask’ (markings), which are common for Pyrenees, so it’s neat to have a litter of both pure white, and marked Pyr pups.  As adults, their markings fade to almost white.


Please CONTACT US if you ever have any questions about Great Pyrenees!  We are passionate about this sweet breed, and are happy to help answer questions, no matter where you adopt one from!


Shalimar and the Masters family at Victory Ranch


Announcing: Our Newest Soaps!


Well, howdy there…

Been a while since we updated our blog with pictures, as we have been busy little bees in the kitchen cooking up our best soaps yet!  I finally stumbled upon what will become known as the Victory Ranch ‘Original’ or rather ‘Prairie Premier’ soap… it’s the one I’ve been trying to find for years and here it is!  It’s got everything you ever wanted in a soap, including 8 essential oils, gentle exfoliating Red Morracan clay, Lavender and Calendula petals, and of course, fresh goat milk.  It’s luxurious with a capital L, and has a light enough scent that it will work for anyone, man or woman, boy or girl, baby skin or rough tough cattle rancher guy.  Here they are… and they come in all shapes and sizes!


We are also pleased to introduce another delightful new scent, called “Calendula Rose”.  It has a lighter, gentler, softer scent than rustic rose, combining calendula oils and petals with rosewood oil and freshly dried rose petals from our local area.

We also now have all-natural luxurious liquid goat milk soaps as well as goat milk lotion, in a variety of wonderful scents with Essential Oils… pictures coming soon!

To go directly to our store, please visit VictoryRanchStore.com!

Thanks for visiting, and if you haven’t tried our soaps yet, please ask for your free sample today by contacting us!