Brand New Soaps, Shapes, and Scents!!

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After many weeks of toiling in the kitchen to try out some new recipes and shapes, I finally have some exciting new soaps to share with you!

We now have a line of 100% Pure Therapeutic grade goat milk soaps, which use only Pure Young Living (TM) oils!  Introducing… drumroll… “Awakening” with Peppermint and Orange, “Relaxation” with Lavender and Lime, “Calming Child” for soothing children, and “Balance” for hormonal and/or glandular balance and energy!

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Please click here for detailed information about each of these soaps and to go directly to our store!

And next, we introduce to you our newest regular goat milk soap, Oatmeal, Milk, and Honey!

2013-04-24 10.19.14

And last but not least, we have all kinds of new fun shapes!  Come check out our store at to see our new Refreshing Citrus shapes, Prairie Premier shapes, and more!!

Enjoy!  😉


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